Hydronic Heating Systems

Radiant Heat

T.L. Sinz Plumbing, Inc. professionals specialize in installing the following heating systems: Radiant Heating Systems, Boiler Systems, and Outdoor Wood Boilers.

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T.L. Sinz Plumbing, Inc. does not over complicate their radiant heating systems. In fact, we simplify them.

Boiler Systems

Trinity BoilerT.L. Sinz Plumbing can install an efficient home heating boiler and provide equipment maintenance to ensure optimum performance.

We recommend having your boiler system serviced regularly to keep them operating efficiently.




Outdoor Wood BoilersAqua-ThermBoiler

T.L. Sinz Plumbing provides Aqua-Therm Outdoor Wood Boiler installation and service. Aqua-DCF 1.0Therm wood burning boilers have been recognized by Farm Industry News as one of the top products.

We can install your new wood boiler to work with your:

  • Hot water baseboard
  • Hot water radiator
  • Radiant floor system
  • Heat exchanger placed in hot air duct system
  • Domestic hot water heater
  • Pool or Spa