Sewer Service

T.L. Sinz Plumbing, Inc. offers residential & commercial services for sewer systems.  We have licensed professionals that know how to evaluate and perform maintenance on any sewer system. Whether your sewer system is a city lateral, holding tank, conventional, at-grade, mound, or pre-treatment system, our plumbers’ will install or service your system with accuracy.

Soil/Perc Testing – If you have property in a rural are the first thing one has to do is to call us and hire us to do a Soil Test. The Certified Soil Tester will, by appointment, come out and examine the soil to determine the type of septic system that is permissible by State Code. The procedure requires an excavator on site. Soil test pits are dug with a backhoe.  The outcome of reading the soil types determines what type of system you are allowed to place on your land.

We have the sewer equipment to clean out your plugged sewer lines.  If there is a need to see inside the sewer lines we have a camera that will show us any issues going on.  Our jetter is a very good power tool that will jet sewer lines.

T.L. Sinz Plumbing, Inc. has POWTS Maintainers that will professionally evaluate or service any septic system. After the evaluation we will fill out and file any forms required by the county or state.

Well & Septic System Evaluations – Are you buying a new home?  We can perform a septic evaluation, to determine if the septic system is in compliance with State Code.